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X – What You’ve Learned By Experiencing A Disaster

If you have lived through any type of disaster, tell us what you did right or what you will now do differently.



  1. workingmom41 says:

    I live in eastern north Carolina and we have many hurricanes here. The last one we had was Irene. We had our grill ready to go under the carport (which we strapped down so it wouldn’t blow away) for cooking when the storm let up. We had canned goods on hand, from the store and from what we saved from the harvest. We had flashlights and batteries, and water, an oil lamp in case it lasted longer than the batteries. The thing about hurricanes is that the storm itself usually only last 24-48 hours. It is the aftermath that takes its toll. Power was down for friends of ours for a week and they only live 3 miles down the road, we had power back in 6 hours. Cleanup must be done of downed trees and any debri that wasn’t tied down properly. It can be a real mess. The neighbors across the street kiddie corner had a tree fall on their house during the worst of the storm, no one could “save” them or help really because the winds were around 100mph gusting. So they had to figure it out. We were lucky this time and the trees on our land fell the other way, away from buildings and house, but what if they hadn’t fell that way? It makes me think and try to be better prepared. Usually hurricanes can be planned out since most of the time we know they are coming, but our neighbors mentioned one that came in and then went out to sea and then came around and in again. Nobody saw that coming. Then there was one that stalled over land area because of cold fronts meeting warm ones or some such or other. Nobody saw that coming either. So always plan for the worst. 3 days prior to Irene there was almost no food on any store shelves. So plan ahead!

  2. Tony Pike says:

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