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Washington State Preppers

This page is dedicated to those in WASHINGTON state looking for other like minded people. Please post contact information such as a phone number or email address. Please observe OPSEC and do not post your exact location.


  1. Rick Brown says:

    Hey I’m new to the Tulalip / Marysville Washington area. Looking for like minded Preppers to meet talk and train with. im 55 yr old married man looking to survive and be prepared. Looking to learn and help out to be ready. Our society is going to crap.

    • Saeah says:

      MORNING I live in just south of SEATTLE, I have been at this for sometime still not good at it I like the ID that other people are in to it

  2. Rick Brown says:

    I am new to the Marysville Tulalip WA area. Im looking for like minded people to meet with train and practice with. anybody interested / available ? brick469@yahoo.com

  3. Unfortunately there is so much crime in many rural, off-the-grid type areas, like where I live, that they nearly steal everything you’ve ever owned, including stored food, herbs, teas, vitamins, household, cook/bakeware, diningware, tools and every thing else you had, in order to furnish their own homes as well as sell…..
    …… I think it is important to prevent future crimes to decent people wanting to go off the grid, bugout or homestead and who may move into dangerous predatory crime communities filled with government corruption, like where I live in NE Washington. I am in a rural area in northern Ferry County.

    I have been targeted for ongoing surveillance burglaries, vandalism, pet torture and poisoning, including drugging and a hip fracture while unconscious/asleep this year. I’ve also been poisoned with drug, chemical or biological agent(s) which produced rare blood antibodies and an incurable disease that requires expensive IV treatments to try to put it into remission (this illness, Microscopic Polyangiitis, is known to be caused by Levamisole, a drug used to “cut” other drugs with, including 70% of the cocaine trafficked in this country)…..

    It is very dangerous for people to move into some areas in Washington state because of the terrible organized criminal activities involved in rural areas and the victimization of unknowing people coming into these areas. There has been known people involved in drug trafficking for years and years here… and people involved in crimes and covering them up get promoted and rewarded with government jobs and into high positions, while victims like me get persecuted and harassed by law enforcement. They can steal everything valuable you own, in ongoing burglaries for years in Ferry County.
    I have to hire a house-sitter whenever I leave the house, even for very short time periods.
    Also, My Seattle high school social studies instructor and the debate team coach became an attorney in Okanogan County (next to Ferry County) and he said the drugs are even worse there than they are in Seattle.

  4. Debbie says:

    Living in Covington wash with medical skilks

  5. Dottie Holmes says:

    I am looking for prepper/ survivalist in the area of the Columbia Gorge. I would like to find a group to join. I am a 57 year old female
    I have my own preps and have some survival knowledge. I am very resourceful and have a wide range of skills.

  6. Saeah says:


    • Crystal says:

      Ferry County is a great place if you want to be drugged, robbed and assaulted while you’re unconscious, as well as like having to get a housitter like I do when ever you leave the house to keep it from being burglarized and your vehicles from being cannabalized. facebook- Ferry County Crime, Crystal Starheart

    • Tom Karlen says:

      You and10000 others!

  7. jeremy seward says:

    Hi, I live in Sedro-Woolley area looking for others that want to learn what it takes to survive and train with.

  8. Jayne Ruffin says:

    Wow! Like minded people. I moved from the west side to the Wenatchee/Chelan area. I don’t wanna be anywhere on the west side if/when the shit hits the fan. Anybody close by?
    Probably gonna head further east toward Spokane area in a year or so…

  9. M. Brown says:

    I live in Marysville. I’m 50. I’m looking for a community that is look to purchase land for communal living with gardens and meat source. I think that we are in the beginning of a revolt and I don’t want to be stuck in town without back up. Not hard core. Just want to be ready if that makes sense.

  10. Rover says:

    Hey y’all moving from TX to Washington any advice for the new area would be great have livved in Washington before, Kennewick, shoreline.

  11. Leroy says:

    Looking for Spokane area peepers to learn from and help

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