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Washington State Preppers

This page is dedicated to those in WASHINGTON state looking for other like minded people. Please post contact information such as a phone number or email address. Please observe OPSEC and do not post your exact location.



  1. saber says:

    Just sitting here wondering if there are others like myself out there who are concerned about the future of this country and how do we survive, and yet keep the foundations that had made this country strong in the past. I like to think common sense would be prevail, but now I wonder. So just wondering here in Central Washington with my head down.

    • Things are bad and I do believe they will get much worse. All we can do is prepare to take care of ourselves and our families and loved ones. We prepare by storing food, clothing, shoes, tools, and have a way to purify water. We prepare by telling others that they should prepare. The more people who are prepared to survive the better. All of us should be collecting seeds so we can grow our own food. Those of us who live in rural areas should be starting to raise animals. The more we can do and learn now the better off we will be in the future. That’s all we can do besides pray.

  2. rjn553 says:

    Saber . I too am concerned about the future. Not so much for myself but for my grandkids . we as preppers need to stand up and fight for what is good and decent . just as our forefathers did. Common sense must prevail. So stand tall .be vigilant .prepare and pray. Its going to get ugly

  3. Tony Pike says:

    I’m looking to trade skill and labor for a place either in a group or community or with a family, or individual better than average woodcraft skills proficiency with tools equipment machinist welder by trade I’m looking to be a useful part of a unit, or family setting I’m not good at writing have references have heart I keep my word I’m loyal and I’m so tired of society at what it has become please contact me I’m in washougal thanks Tony

  4. Rick Brown says:

    Hey I’m new to the Tulalip / Marysville Washington area. Looking for like minded Preppers to meet talk and train with. im 55 yr old married man looking to survive and be prepared. Looking to learn and help out to be ready. Our society is going to crap.

  5. Rick Brown says:

    I am new to the Marysville Tulalip WA area. Im looking for like minded people to meet with train and practice with. anybody interested / available ? brick469@yahoo.com

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