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Please post any items that you are looking for. YOU MAY NOT LIST ANYTHING ILLEGAL!!! Post what you are looking to purchase or barter for. Please mention a full description of what you are looking for and how much you are willing to pay. Also, mention if you are willing to pay for shipping.



  1. jennifer says:

    hi my name is Jen my family and I are looking to relocate on many different levels. do to the crazy traffic and influx of people and chaos going on around we would like a more simple way of life. we would love to join a small peaceful community of people who desire to live off the land. we have a dog and small child.. my man is a plumber by trade and a jack of many others..i would like to learn more on permaculture gardening and love to be outside. its important for my child to have a healthy life also and believe this is a wonderful expierence we would like to hear back from anyone with some tips and advice. thank you

  2. Tony Pike says:

    I’m looking to trade skill and labor for a place either in a group or community or with a family, or individual better than average woodcraft skills proficiency with tools equipment machinist welder by trade I’m looking to be a useful part of a unit, or family setting I’m not good at writing have references have heart I keep my word I’m loyal and I’m so tired of society at what it has become please contact me I’m in washougal thanks Tony

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