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Mountainview Off Grid Living Blog is the place to meet others in your area who are prepping. Please be nice. If you are not nice you will be blocked.



  1. Freeman1776 says:

    I belong to a group which I have yet to participate with because I’ve been out of town for several months. Now that I’m back, I plan to join them at meets and weekend preppeing sessions. The group has over 1000 members and still growing. Lots of sub groups based on counties or as they are referred to as (districts) composed of various counties that work as a unit. Many talents within the group, nurses, paramedics, ham radio experts, survival experts and many other specialty people to help educate preppers on surviving. As I said, I haven’t been to their meets, but from reading their posts on their well designed web page, it seems to be the best I’ve seen in Texas so far.

    Texas Preparedness Group (TPG)

  2. WestTexasDad says:

    anybody near the midland/odessa area or in between here and the LA border? I have family out near overton etc and make that trip sometimes…

  3. Melissa Ressler says:

    My husband and I would like to join a prep per group somewhere in our area…..we feel like we are alone and frowned at for wanting to protect our family. We are RNs , he is an ex paramedic and I am retired….but we both know our emergency medicine, childbirth and he is a pretty good carpenter on top of it. We just need a plan and I think that comes with a group to lead us…..please respond soon

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