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X – Real Estate WANTED

If you are looking for a particular type of property this is the place to post that. Please include the type of property you are searching for, the location or locations you are interested in, your maximum price, and contact information either a phone number or email address.



  1. We are looing for either a cabin with up to 5 acres or up to 10 acres of vacant land with at least some timber in either Idaho County, Idaho or Boise County Idaho. The parcel MUST have NO CC&Rs. We plan to have a variety of animals and a big garden. We do not plan to spend an arm and a leg for this property so if you have a mansion in the mountains we won’t be interested. Please email us with price and pictures to Mtnvw55@aol.com

  2. workingmom41 says:

    We are looking for reasonably priced land in Eastern North Carolina within a 2 hour drive of Onslow County, preferably further inland than closer to the coast! 2 acres or more with some timber. We are hoping to keep a variety of animals and a large garden. on a well maintained road would be a good plus. Thanks so much! Our email is workingmom41@gmail.com please send price and pictures.

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