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X – Real Estate For Sale

If you have real estate for sale this is the page to post it. Keep in mind that this is a preparedness blog and people will probably be looking for rural homes or land. Please post the location of the land as well as a contact phone number and/or email address and pictures.


  1. Robin Hode says:

    I have a house w/outbuilding with around 32 acres in remote mountainous Graham County NC (Great Smoky Mountains area). There is running water, well/septic, forest, standing timber and arable land for crops and pasture along with fruit trees. Easily accessible yet away from the paved road it is a perfect retreat location. I can be reached at: therobinhode at gmail.com

  2. Greg Banks says:

    Do you have any pictures of your place. Looking for a offgrid cabin away from people. Or trustworthy nieghbor.

  3. Cory James says:

    I have 3 lots for sale on Lake Waha just 15 miles South of Lewston, Idaho. One lot is at the end of the road. $99,500 My road is gated, so you have to go through the gate to get to it, and once you get there, you are at the end of the road. There is 200 plus ft of Lake frontage, lot of timber, a partial cat road that goes all the way down to the lake, to a cove known as “Big Bass Cove”, (a perfect place for a boat dock sits waiting), w/ all the trees you could ever want for tree houses, numerous camp/cabin sites or what have you. . . there is already electricity and septic on the property, water lines to the lake, and a place to build. There is no building on the site as of yet and no well, but the wells in that area only go down 180 feet, and I have an estimate for $8000 to put one in. There is more game than you need to live on; turkey, deer, grouse, duck, geese, trout, bass, perch and an occasional elk. Assorted berries, wild strawberries, huckleberries, blackberries, raspberries and mushrooms; bole’os, corrals, and morrels. 4 wheeler trails, and a bug out zone straight into the Craig Mountains. This property is loaded with tamerak, red fir, white fir, cedar, and pine. Privacy is one of the biggest pluses to this parcel and It is perfect for preppers, survivalists, or anyone that is just tired of living with restrictions. There is soo much more than to the property than I can tell you in writing. This is something that you need to see in person.

    Because it is so hard to get loans on timbered land or any bare land in general, I am willing to do a owner contract on these parcels. I want 35% down (depending on lot), and depending on what I am actually offered and accept – the interest and payment plan will follow.
    The lake will freeze over in the winter and ice fishing is great. The best fishing in the whole lake is in my cove, and I average a fish every five to ten minutes of fishing. There are a few 5 acre parcels that are owned by out-of-towners and they come up once every year or two. There are no regulations to maintain the road and no kind of association fees, but as the major land owner (including the majority of the road leading into the property) I keep it plowed. There are cat roads cut around the land, but it is up to the land owners if they want to keep them cleared. Most don’t because they like it natural, but I like to ride my horses and my 4 wheelers, so I keep mine cleared for the most part.
    I would consider a nice motorhome, pickup or heavy equipment as a partial trade.
    I also have a 5.5 acre lot for sale as well. It has a 780 square foot Yurt on it and a 900 sq foot pole building. The Yurt is all self contained and will sleep 3-4 full kitchen, bath, laundry, and wood stove. $145,000.
    The last lot sits between 2 homes, has its own dock, and beautiful campsite. It also has bug out trails that lead into the Craig Mountains. $75000 Only 2 neighbors, and both are amazing.
    All of my lots have lake frontage. I have several pictures of all 3 lots. If you want to see any of the lots, just give me a call or shoot me a message.

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