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This page is dedicated for those people in IDAHO who are looking for other like minded people. Please post your general area and contact information either a phone number or email where others can contact you. We realize everyone should observe OPSEC so please do not post your exact location.


  1. Xdmp15 says:

    i like panhandle to,

  2. Heidi says:

    Hello Guys,

    I’m currently living in Colorado but am interested in building near Yellowstone. Saving for land but hoping to build this year….I love Island Park area. I’m currently reviewing all the building codes but am interested in a tiny log cabin.

    This forum seemed perfect for what I’m doing.

    • Hi Heidi and welcome to the Mountainview Off Grid Living Blog. You might also check out building an “earthbag house”. They are cheap to build, very strong, windproof, water proof, other than the doors and windows they are bug and rodent proof. You can build a 2 bedroom house for around or less than $5,000. There are links to several earthbag building websites on the front page of my website at http://www.mountainviewoffgridliving.com

  3. jcaliveinme says:

    Hi…..i just came across this site……i recently moved from minnesota to Bonners Ferry ID…….takes 2 days of driving but it took me a little over a month to get here…….It was completely by faith and listening to His voice to make the move……if there is anyone that gets on this site and understands what im saying in my words above, i would love to hear from you……..looking forward to real connections and fellowship! 🙂

  4. Xdmp says:

    Hello there welcome to the club moving that way summer this year if God willing ,good luck and happy newyear

    • Hi Xdmp and welcome to the Mountainview Off Grid Living Blog. Where are you moving from and what part of Idaho are you moving to? We are currently in the Boise area but are looking for rural land. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • jcaliveinme says:

      Well…..as things are looking from this point i will just be living in the forests like a mountain man……….having land that is “owned” by the government isnt the way i want to go……N idaho and east washington have the largest inland rain forest with massive diversity of game to live on……..i will only be in this wilderness for about 5-8 years, till the judgement is passed…….God will lead me and hide me!……..still, anyone on this site have ears to hear?……….lets connect…… imjoedude@gmail.com

      • Hi JC and welcome. We are looking for land and are ready to roll when the papers are signed. Have you ever thought about leasing land? I talk to so many every day who say they plan to go into the wilderness and live off the land. Sadly most will be dead within two weeks. Most of these people have never hunted, have never planted a garden or preserved food, don’t know edible wild plants or what plants can be used as medicine. Most have no idea how to build any sort of shelter, so, like I said they will be dead in two weeks or so. I hope you are making plans to live in the wilderness.

      • jcaliveinme says:

        hey! thanks for the response and warning…..Heb. 12:26-27….Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven. And this word, Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.

        Everything in the natural realm is coming to an end….in seeking the Father about prepping and His will, He made it clear to me that ONLY THOSE WHO CAN HEAR HIS VOICE PERSONALLY will make it through the coming judgments in the US…..many have prepped in the natural< but it will be to no avail if they haven"t learned to listen and obey His VOICE……….

        Pr. 19:21….There are many devices (plans) in a man's heart; nevertheless the counsel of the LORD, that shall stand.


  5. Xdmp says:

    San Francisco to bonndray County. I like the idea of living off the grid i known is not easy.

    • It can be easy. We are going to build an earthbag house. We are going to put a composting toilet in it and I sell refrigerators and freezers that run off of one solar panel. We will also have a solar pump on the well. So, if you plan well it won’t be too much different living off grid than you are living now.

  6. Jenny says:

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience.
    I am extremely eager to be apart of the boise idaho prepper community. I’m a local.

    looking forward to hearing from you soon take care and God bless.

  7. Scott Clark says:

    Where do I sign up.

    • Hi Scott and welcome to the Mountainview Off Grid Living Blog. Are you currently in Idaho? If so, and you are looking for like minded people I know several groups who are forming now and are planning to purchase land close to each other to set up to be self sufficient and set up a bartering system. If you are interested if you will email me at mountainviewoffgridliving@yahoo.com I will tell you how to get more information.

  8. Susan says:

    Hi My name Is Sue. My husband and I will be retiring soon and would like to live in Northern Idaho. We currently live in the south central area. We are hoping to find a community for like minded folks?

  9. Cindy says:

    Look there as well for others.

  10. Prepp Or Die says:

    Hi, I’m in North Idaho 🙂 Land can be had for as little as 35K for 10 acres undeveloped in Bonner County. A little higher in Boundary County. Both of those counties have not adopted building codes, so you can still build affordably there. Benewah County used to be the same, but they wimped out last year and folded under outside government pressures (bribes). I am looking for fellow “Survivalist Partners” (see list below) at the moment. I would very much like to become an “Owner Partner” with the right group of individuals 🙂

    I would like to warn you preemptively that there are several “Landlord Preppers” (AKA Lords) looking for “Prepper Tenants” (AKA Surfs) here in North Idaho. You do what seems best to you, but I will not give up my rights to self governance just for the sake of safety in numbers. Also watch out for “Marauders!” I have not found any of these guys yet, but I am sure they are out there…

    What Kind Of Prepper Are You? The List:
    Prepper Tenant – individuals/families with less than $5,000 cash to invest in a BOL (Bug Out Land) and are seeking other individuals or groups that already own BOL land. Are willing to barter skills and limited resources to secure BOL tenancy.

    Landlord Preppers – individuals that own land but are seeking individuals/ families to help develop BOL property for mutual survival preparedness; landlords do maintain ownership and control over property and tenant status.

    Survivalist Partners – individuals with more than $10,000 cash to invest in BOL land ownership and governance. Likely have skills and well-heeled resources to contribute to larger group. May have interested in joining or forming new Owner Partner group.

    Owner Partners – individuals that own BOL land shares and are seeking individuals/ families interested in owning shares and expense allocations in a collaborative survival partnership. Governance is with shareholders and may be in a variety of forms such as LLC; Cooperative, owners association etc. Prospective owners may have to meet a variety of means tests such as financial, social, and/or skill contribution.

    Closed – group that is closed to new members but interested to talking with other groups about communication, resource bartering, and possibly post WROL infrastructure and alliances.

    Finally there are:

    Marauders – people who pretend to be preppers so that they know what type of prepps you have and their location. They will be planning to take those from you if there is a WROL event.

    I also would like to be emailed if anyone would like to? Please put Preppers in the subject line so that I know that you are not another junk mail 🙂
    Thanks for the Blog Post MountainView 🙂


  11. Cindy says:

    Wow…then there are people like you to look out for to 😉
    You are known up here as well my friend…..

  12. Cindy says:

    The slew of negative comments about others. Their dislike for survival group organization and personal accountability to others within a group is something they resist and ridicule. An army of one is more like it. Also they are still pretty much alone while they try to diminish other successful groups up here who have quality members and real accomplished goals. In a group everyone is accountably to everyone else…thus the distain for groups and especially groups already formed with bi-laws, organization and requirements. You do not get it your way when you join an established group.

    A couple of the groups up have run into this person before. This person likes to cut and paste on emails what they think is their boxed in description of every possible group or mentality or outlook when it comes to prepping. Rather we have found groups comprise many different views and concerns many of which this person fails to recognize. But the need for others to work alongside the rest causes these good people to look past themselves and look at the goal instead.

    You can call it a negative on me and we do not really care 😉 Sweetie. We are simply sending out a warning and … A word to the wise is sufficient.

    • Prepp Or Die says:

      Are you guys talking about me? LOL! I think I answered one Craigslist add from a group in Hayden and received a response from a person who was looking for preppers who were willing to store their prepps on the group’s land. Of course if the SHTF they could then come to the land and live there and the prepps would be there for them…. I think I told them that I was not interested in handing my prepps over to people who I didn’t know on a handshake agreement, and trust that they would store my prepps for me and ended the conversation 🙂 I think I hurt someones feelers? It’s fine, I have thick skin. Lots of room in Idaho.

      BTW if someone want’s to know how much stuff you have and where it is? Yeah… Might not want to get involved there??? Prudence.

      Sorry MountainView 😦 I hope my baggage doesn’t bring you down. I would never have posted here if I knew that it was going to inspire “warnings” from the Lord Regent. I think you are doing a good thing. Keep it up.

      • Prepp Or Die I love that you are posting here. I have “conversed” with several groups in northern Idaho and northeast Washington. I found what you mentioned. They want to make sure you have at least a year’s supply of food and your food will be stored in a warehouse. One group would allot you what food they thought you needed and it is YOUR FOOD. WHAT? Oh hell no. One land LORD told me to join their group you WOULD have at least a two year supply of food, that you WOULD do what he told you to do when he told you to do it and how he told you to do it because you would be on HIS LAND. Oh probably not. I have worked very hard or what we have. No one will be telling me how and when I can use it. Just might be that I know better how to stretch it further than they do. So, Prepp or Die please keep posting. I don’t know everything but I am trying to learn something new every day. I am getting there. If someone EVER tells you or implies that they have the answer and know all about everything RUN the other way. None of us know what the future is bringing. The world has never in history been in this situation. I tell my clients to plan like they are going to time warp to 1850. There is a group that just started on Facebook. Most are in Idaho. When the group first started discussing forming a group, buying land to all have “shares” in it sounded good. Then the more the conversation progressed I saw that there is no way I would group up with almost all of these people. They lost me when they started discussing how they would punish group members if they did something wrong. They lost my friend when they started discussing what each member would be “allowed” to do on their property. They lost another friend when two women started talking about other members of the group helping take care of THEIR children. No, they are your children, you take care of them. lol So, as you can see it can and will be difficult to find other like minded people who want to group up for safety reasons. For sharing of skills without wanting to suck the life out of or rule over others in the “group”.

  13. Cindy says:

    By the way we have asked repeatedly for a square in the section above for established groups, with members and with a secured location. You do not allow the request to be posted most of the time and you still refuse to do it. Like we have tried to explain once a group hits these goals and levels they prefer to network with other groups in like levels. So there is our positive request once again.

    • Cindy says:

      There are always examples of groups which will not work for you and might not even be a good group period. There are also groups out of your league but don’t get offended because they have done a lot and have standards. There are groups who would not consider you or me if we were the last person standing. However there are very few groups and many more wannabie preppers who could not build a group if they had to let along fund a good portion of it. If you do not want to comply to an existing group then nicely just withdraw your inquiry and quietly go your way and then show us all how to do it right by successfully forming this dream group of yours. We all have one in our minds … don’t we !! . Be sure you also have that secured ready to go retreat location all done because that is part of the proof 😉

      There are complainers and talkers…then there are doers and those who got it done. We run with the latter. Complainers and talkers are a dime a dozen but doers and those who got it done are a needle in the haystack. When the SHTF you will be needing a group and location way more than that group and location will be needing you…there will be plenty of you out there to pick from. No offense meant to anyone but if you meditate on this you should be able to draw the same conclusions. No group is perfect and it will be even less perfect if you are “allowed” join them. Hope you find what you are looking for. Some up here have, we are done and we are content and happy so I guess it does work… just maybe not for you?

      Sadly we do not tend to see this site as a fruitful place to seek highly prepared people still looking for an established group. It is what it is. We are sure it helps people look at land and areas to move to and that is good.

  14. Prepp Or Die says:

    Thank goodness for that.

    So I have been throwing around an Idea for an off grid Prepper community in which multiple people put in on 10-40 acres depending on the size of the group. I have 4 families just in Idaho who are down with us already. There are families in Wyoming and Oregon who are like minded. We have all been prepping before prepping was a word 🙂 I looked at 5 different pieces of land in Bonner County today. It takes 1 acre of farmed land to support a family of 4 without fertilizer and heavy equipment (your 1800s method MountainView). Doing the math: If 10 families went in together on 10 acres which was the smallest piece of land that I looked at. The cost of the land is 35K and there would need to be a community well drilled for about another 10K. The septic systems run around 6K each, unless we put in a shower room/bathroom/kitchen building in the middle of the 10 acres for everyone to use then we would be looking at 15-20K (because the size of that drain field would be huge). So divided equally 35 + 10 + 20 / 10 = $6500.00 each family. That would be the cost up front to put in a well, septic and purchase the land. Each family would receive 1 acre to use as they see fit, remember there are no building codes in Bonner County Idaho, that means NO building permits, NO inspections, and most importantly NO Code Enforcement Authority to poke their noses into our business!!! Each family would get an equal share of the property with an equal vote on all community related issues. NO Lords or Ladies to bow and scrape to. You could not be kicked off the property because your part is your part. It would make it nearly impossible to sell the property out from under each other also, because you would have to convince 6 of the 10 families to sell as it is one congruous property. You would need a defense compact and other like plans to help everyone get in the harvest, calve livestock etc.. Currently we have ex SPEC OPs guys one who served in Viet Nam as a Green Beret, one who served as a Force Recon sniper but not during time of war, and a few of us who served during the Desert Campaigns (Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait). Security training is covered by our vets. We have a forestry expert who knows what kind of wood to use in construction and what trees to look for which is huge! I know I could not tell a Douglas Fir from a Pine but I can learn and so can you 😉 My wife is a canning expert! I can attest to that with my mouth 🙂 Taste and see for her applesauce is GOOD! She also is a seamstress who makes and fixes anything which requires needle and thread. I am a heating and air guy 17 yrs and I am a solar guy 6 yrs. We have a guy in Cascade who is a goat and chicken expert, he makes goat cheese and sells goat milk and chicken eggs. He also is an amazing self taught veterinarian (I guess you would have to be when you have as many animals as he does). He is already part of a “Closed Group” and will not be joining us, but he said we could come learn anytime. Also we can barter and trade with his group, which is good too.

    I guess the point is that we all have talents. We all can help each other as the need arises and learn from each other. We can do this while maintaining freedom to live life in our own way, needing no one else to give out orders or lead from the behind. Liberty. That is what I would say is the most important thing that a Prepper Group can strive toward. Liberty is never safe. Safety is never freedom. What I want is the freedom to live as I choose where I choose and under no ones authority but God Almighty! That also of MY own choosing.

    If you have not guessed yet, I am a Libertarian (mostly). If this interests you? fp@reagan.com is my email.

    MountainView? I noticed your phone number in an earlier post. We should talk 🙂 May I call you? I have family in Nampa and Caldwell and I go to see them from time to time 🙂 I would very much like to discuss a bartering compact between your group and ours! Not real necessary during these prosperous times, but I personally think that these days are numbered. It may also be worth having an established group half a state away for a fall back position if things were to get rough. You never know?

    Prepp Or Die

    • Prepp you are more than welcome to call me. Do you still have my number? We can talk more on the phone however we still practice OPSEC. We definitely don’t put all of our information on here. You understand. I look forward to hearing from you.

  15. Cindy says:

    Thank goodness prepp or die finally shared the plan he has. He has his plan and over the years we have seen it floated by many others hundreds of times. In all my years I can not recall any follow up on how it ended up a year later so perhaps we all can be kept abreast of the progress and success so others can emulate it? Like every couple months? I am sure many of those others successfully did this same thing but they just forgot to post about it. I hope that does not happen here. You know a good idea is the one that ends up working.

    • Cindy just because most don’t post what they are doing or how they are doing it on here does not mean they are less prepared than let’s say… you. We practice OPSEC. It is irresponsible to post on the internet for all to see what all you have and what all you are doing. I am sure you can agree with that. That’s why we speak in generalities until we can meet face to face.

      • Cindy says:

        I guess I missed the part I ever said anyone should post all they have and all they have done. If I did say exactly what you claim I did I apologize for that. Otherwise you get to. I did say I think IMHO it does not hurt to generalize for instance. Much like one’s general location verse exact address or even County. Saying one has around 6 month of good food set aside is IMHO not specific however it does shed light on what and if there is anything backing up the talking about prepping. I hope you get my drift. Also much like some people’s plans posting here. They are in general and leave a lot of the deal breaking details out. Those can be found via further more private emails etc. All we are looking for here is people who are looking to move to north Idaho who wish to seek an established group for both parties to consider. Any further discussions between the two parties other than contact information being left would go to a totally different secured system. Perhaps I was never clear on that.

  16. Cindy says:

    Very true. Hey expecting to plant any food in the wilderness is all about feeding the wildlife so they survive. Unless you are carrying 6′ high wire fence and fence posts your planting will be gone come sunup. Planting also keeps you stationary. Stationary begins to leave signs and predictable behavior which leads to ambush. Wood smoke signatures and smell are two killers. Mountain men knew that and cooked early, put out the fire then moved another mile and cold camped the night. Well the ones that lived did that. Pathways to get to water and back are ambush points and the all to often after dark and I am going to sleep now because bad guys sleep at night to always happens 😉

  17. Tim says:

    My wife and I are looking to move around Hayden Idaho and buy a small piece of ground for cheap and put an underground shelter on the land and live in it. any help or advice would be appreciated.

  18. Cindy says:

    FYI I believe Hayden is in Kootenai County. This county has a very specific building code dept designed to protect land owners from themselves and neighbors from their neighbors. It would be wise to contact them up front and discuss the possibilities before you set your sights on land there. I do not think there is any cheap land in that region and at least 5 acre minimums which are close to the towns. I do not think there is a problem with an underground shelter but not as a residence. Best ask them.

  19. wka says:

    Hey MVOGL: No wonder the tribe reclaimed property…Orofino is located on the res.

  20. cc. says:

    Hi, I’am interested please send info. Thanks CC ccclouse@yahoo.com

  21. KearyD says:

    Why is Idaho County a huge plus? We’re new to Boise and have just begun our search in Ada County to build an off-grid Earthship outside of city limits in RP zone. Thx, Keary

    • Idaho County requires no building permits and no inspections other than septic and that is a state thing. Idaho County is beautiful. However, unless you know someone there the locals are very clannish. Also, there is NO work there period. So, you have to have some kind of income or take your work with you via internet etc. There are no zoning laws there either so your neighbor may have a yard full of old cars etc. I know some who moved up there and wanted to bring in zoning laws and they were told to get over it or leave. We like that there are no zoning or building laws up there but some don’t. We have quite a few friends up there.

  22. KearyD says:

    Thanks for the reply 🙂 Calling Ada County introduced me to the unexpected maze here, so while I’m learning how to navigate the RP zone here, we’re definitely making a trip to Grangeville. We weren’t expecting to move so far north, but would to be able to go off-grid with an Earthship that I’m dying to build. My concern is that I couldn’t find any community colleges in Idaho County/Grangeville. Are there any? We’re so grateful to have access to dual enrollment and open access in Idaho for home schooling, and we’d like our high-schoolers to be able to graduate with a good amount of college credits.

    • Hey Keary I think you will like Grangeville. It’s a small town so most people drive to Lewiston for supplies such as Walmart. The people around Grangeville are preppers. They don’t mean to be, that’s just how they are. lol There is some good property up there for sale for a good price. Remember that Grangeville is up on a big hill and it’s flat and not many trees in town but if you get a very few miles out in the country there are a lot of trees. Just watch the elevation. You can look up the property you are looking at on Google Earth and get the elevation. Also, when looking at a property look at the well reports of the surrounding properties to see what is under the ground. That has changed our minds on many properties.

  23. Robin Schnell says:

    If you want give us a heads up when you and we’ll answer any questions we can for you. We do have property for sale remember and it all has live water whether creeks or springs. There is work here in Grangeville tho’ depending on what your looking for. Its definitely worth looking at though. Also we have an outreach college here in Grangeville from Lewis Clark Community College in Lewiston. There is a very large Home Schooling group up here also. We home schooled our kids until High School. Then we had them go but our daughter got out in 3 years! Home Schooling is great!!! Well Happy Easter to you Maybe we’ll hear from you one of these days until then take care

    Robin Schnell

  24. Cindy & Charlie says:

    Plan to move to far north Boise or Eagle, Idaho fall of 2017. Converting school bus to move, convert once in Idaho. Seeking area with spring and safe location, like minds.

  25. Cindy Kovack says:

    Moving to north Eagle, Idaho, fall 2016. Seeking off grid area north, converting bus, need spring. Would enjoy like minded comments. Thanks.

  26. Cindy says:

    Thank you for your reply. After reading Joel Skousen’s book, Strategic Relocation several years ago, my husband and I chose Idaho as a state to relocate to. We have visited the Boise and surrounding areas. Joel stated if moving to the Boise area, to live north of Chinden, Rt 44 and be close to Rt 55. This was our only reasoning, but we are free to live anywhere we want, Eagle is simply a starting point. We will gut the school bus to transport our wares to Idaho. We will purchase a home and make it off-the-grid. We were seeking an area with not too much snow and cold, coming from 40+ years in hot, hot Phoenix. We will not live in the bus, more than likely convert once we move to Idaho and use for traveling camp. We have also looked into the far north Payette area of the state, and mountainous area of eastern Boise. We are open to all areas of the state, preferring to stay within an hour from a large city, have some property with a spring. We are originally both from the rust belt area of Youngstown, Ohio, have lived in Phoenix, AZ now well over 40 years.

    • Hi Cindy. We are also looking for property. I have checked out just about everything about southern Idaho. From geology to well reports. The Council / Cambridge area is good but you have to watch because some areas are solid rock with very little top soil. However, as I am on every realtors email list right now I just got one this morning for 20 acres for sale near Midvale Idaho which is beautiful. The price on this land is $35,000. It has some fencing and is somewhat remote BUT near enough to town to get supplies. If you want this information email me at mountainviewoffgridliving@yahoo.com

    • Mark says:

      Cindy, why not look at the CDA area?

    • Selina says:

      Hi Cindy and LouiseS,

      I’m originally from Tucson, AZ but I’ve been living in FL for the past 5+ years. We’re looking to live off grid in Idaho as well but my husband wants to live in Wallace, Kellogg, and MAYBE Coeur d’alene area. I’m afraid that the climate may be too extreme for a desert rat like myself.

      Have either of you heard about the “earthship”? It is a self sustaining home. We are looking to take the architectural course on how to build one and then attempt to build one ourselves.

      Do you have any suggestions on a location that is a happy medium as far as temperature and terrain? My husband wants mountainous views whereas I prefer more level ground.

  27. Jen says:

    Not sure where to begin so thought I’d post here. Have inherited 113 acres near the end of Little Smokey Creek Road outside of Fairfield, Idaho that I think would be perfect for someone looking to live off the grid. Any ideas where I should list it to reach the right audience? 80 acres are deeded so you’d own all mineral & timber rights so plenty of building material available. Have it listed on Craig’s List Boise so far but do appreciate any suggestions. wildfirerumor@yahoo.com

    • LouiseS says:

      I am assuming this the mining claim you were talking about? From the looks of what was reported, the creeks are contaminated with heavy metals but it was never cleaned up because the original owners moved to Virginia?

      I am looking to buy property in Idaho. I live in Boise for 10 years but had to move to Japan for awhile for work. I raised animals, had a large farm and was a homesteader. Anway, do you have the coordinates for the property? http://www.idahogeology.org/PDF/Staff_Reports_(S)/2000/S-00-13.pdf

    • Dan says:

      What is your price ??. Would you “Owner Finance” Any part of the land ??. We’re in Ocala Florida and want to move to Idaho and live off grid. We have a new RV, Almost everything needed to live OFF-GRID. I’d be very interested in working out something with you. We have Stable Income and are very serious about buying. Dan @ bll8dan@aol.com.

  28. Jen says:

    Not sure where to begin so thought I’d post here. Have inherited 113 acres near the end of Little Smokey Creek Road outside of Fairfield, Idaho that I think would be perfect for someone looking to live off the grid. Any ideas where I should list it to reach the right audience? 80 acres are deeded so you’d own all mineral & timber rights so plenty of building material available. Have it listed on Craig’s List Boise so far but do appreciate any suggestions.

  29. Brice says:

    Here’s something a little different for you folks. I’ll be moving my family to Idaho in late Summer/early Fall. I’m looking around the middle of the state around St. Mary’s and North of there as I like the seclusion and am no stranger to Mountain living. Here’s the kicker-I make VERY little money. As such, I’m not looking for property to buy. Can’t afford it. Ideally, I’m looking for as small a town as possible, while still being able to find work. I never could figure what I wanted to do with myself so far as a career was concerned and so I went straight into the workforce after High School. No College. I work mainly unskilled labor jobs in Factory’s and Distribution Centers. My Wife stays at home to take care of our 14 month old twins. At that age, Daycare costs are astronomical and I don’t trust those “Care Providers” so far as I could throw ’em. A couple finer points here-Around where we live now (NW Indiana), you can find 1-2 bedroom homes for rent at a reasonable rate ($500-$750). I would prefer this as opposed to renting an apartment as I have a number of tools (ladder, wheelbarrow, lawn and forest and garden implements) that simply aren’t suitable for storage in an apartment, and frankly, to dangerous to have the kids playing around. The other point is Church Services. We adhere specifically to the KJV of the Christian Bible, and not any specific denomination. We’re happy to sit in with Mormons, JW, Baptists, Catholics, you name it. But we don’t view supplemental texts (The Book of Mormon for example) as Canon, and we prefer a “Prepper Friendly” Church that isn’t afraid of discussing current events and Politics as it relates in a Biblical sense, or what God expects of us in these times. I know this is a tall order to fill and I apologize for the lengthy “comment”, but I like to lay all my cards on the table and see where the chips fall.
    Contact me at pheilsb@hotmail.com and thank you in advance for any advice you may have.

  30. Computer person living in Idaho Falls, seeks rural community in case dollar crashes and society collapses. I raised animals in oklahoma and always had gardens,but below average in hunting and fishing, mainly a computer head, but I can find remote database jobs with internet connection. Good chicago blues harmonica player. World traveler , 25 countries and counting. Jake 415-933-1276

  31. Price reduced!
    Down sizing and selling the farm. Any help from my Facebook friends to help spread the word would be greatly appreciated.
    I hate to go but health and well-being has to come first. thank you in advance! Tractor and Implements will be for sale also when we get a contract or can be negotiated for.

  32. STEVEN SCHRIER says:


    I have built several off grid homes in Belize and decided to comeback home to do the same.I don’t have a lot of money but lots of experience from making wood canoes, wood kayaks, wood stand up paddle boards and can make just about anything. Familiar with Solar Installation, compost toilet, gravity fed water plumbing. Hydroponics, raising rabbits and chickens etc….If you think there is a fit here let me know. I have pictures. Moving to Idaho end of May looking for a job Place to live, If I can be of use building an off grid home would love too. I have pictures. As my friends say..I have done everything. Wall street broker, sales, manufacturing, retail, refurbishing woodies, houses etc. I would to be part of an off the grid community. I don’t mind the cold, I an from Natick, Mass…

  33. LouiseS says:

    yes, Boise ecovillage! They are doing all those things you speak of. I will be returning to Idaho in a few years to do with myself. But for now, talk to sunny. they have a facebook page.

  34. John Doe says:

    Boise area.

  35. John says:

    Currently off grid living, mobile unit. Single, no kids, intermediate outdoorsman with dog. Weapons trained, basic first aid, basic forage. Boise and surrounding area. Would like to find trustworthy individuals. Not interested in living in a compound, would prefer gathering intellectual from the field and reporting to a loyal compound community of preppers.

  36. kc says:

    Iam a prepper in the lewis clark area looking for other preppers out there

  37. John Doe says:

    Would like to meet some folks from the Boise area.

  38. Scott Clark says:

    I am looking for the same around Lewiston Idaho area, if anyone knows of a group. I am experienced in construction, welding, fishing, hunting, and outdoor survival .

  39. Scott Clark says:


  40. worried mom Rhonda says:

    I am a signal mother of three. I am a fair mined individual. I’m really worried what will happen to us with the fall of this nation. being a single mom I am worried. I have been doing what I can when I can to prepare us. I do have a variety of skills. I just don’t have a lot of means. I have been hearing a lot of discussion people in this country are worried with good cause. I have been interested in northern Idaho to relocate. I can see where this country is headed. I am willing to live off grid. I am a easy going, compassionate individual. I have been raising my children this way. I really hope that by posting this that it will not come back to hurt me and my kids in anyway. If any of you have any advice for me you feel free to comment.

  41. Khrystal says:

    Looking to move my family to northern Idaho anytime now. Needing some good ideas to relocate to a good consevative area, where we can just build a cabin, grow our own food, breed our great danes, and have non-liberal neighbors.

    • lol Other than the burbs around Boise you just described the rest of Idaho. Email me at Mtnvw55@aol.com and we can discuss various areas.

    • Aaron says:

      One thing to note about Idaho, it is a fairly poor economy, people don’t like to spend money the way they do in other states. We found that the dogs we sold locally (we breed Rottweilers) sold for approximately 1/3 of the price we were accustomed to. This wouldn’t be an issue if you sell most of your dogs out of state via the internet. But food for thought. We’ve been in the treasure valley for 10 years and it has not proven to have the libertarian/ prepper/ modern homesteading mindset we had anticipated. Our next move (if there is one) will likely be CDA/ sandpoint area.

      • If you are looking for the “prepper” mentality the CDA is probably not the place to look. It’s a resort where rich people live. If you are looking for the prepper mentality then look around Cambridge, Pioneerville, Idaho City and yes Sandpoint.

  42. Robin Schnell says:

    Hi Khrystal, My Husband and I have 165 acres with 2 year round creeks and a pond up out of Bonners Ferry for sale. A really nice conservative area with a great growing season. We too are moving up there as soon as we sell our place here in Grangeville. Call if you would like with questions. 208 983-9705 I would rather talk on the phone to answer questions than on this thing 🙂

  43. Krissy says:

    Hello, my family and I just moved to Idaho in march. We left northern ca where things have really gone to shit. We live in nampa. My husband is an electrician and I am a stay at home mom but I have lots of skills. We have been prepping for about 2 years. We’re looking to network with some like minded people in the area.

    • Hi Krissy. We are also in Nampa.

    • gpooba says:

      Hi Krissy, We too just moved up here from northern calif (redding) in October and I couldn’t agree more about the state of CA. We are in the Star/Eagle area and I am family practice physician. We have been prepping for about 4 years. Hoping to connect with like minded people as well.

    • gpooba says:

      Hi Krissy, I am also a new transplant who escaped the hell hole that was california (Redding). I am a family practice physician and have been prepping for about 4 years. I love Idaho and am in the Eagle/Star area. Also looking for like minded people in the area. Lone wolves don’t do well, we have to work with each other for whatever may come.

  44. Joshua Worrell says:

    Hello my name is Joshua I’m from st.louis, mo I work labor jobs and I don’t know what I really want to do with my life other than be in nature and live off the land. Will also be willing to work a low payin labor job to skim by if that is even possible. If anybody can give me tips on making this a reality the help would mean the world to me. I don’t even know where to start. I have a dog I will be bringing with me and I’m single. I’m also only 25 yrs old. Please help with some starting off info. In the mean time I will start with more research about the area. Thank you in advance!!!.

  45. Dela says:

    I have some property 1/2 way between Challis and Salmon. A little over two acres year around stream close to National Forrest. Off the grid. anyone interested?

  46. Dan says:

    Hello All !!. Myself and my Lady are looking for a small patch of CHEAP land in Northern Idaho (Anywhere in I’d really) that allows FULL-TIME RV Living. Prefer around 2-5 acres. Would love a well and septic but not a deal breaker!!. Year around spring would also be great. We will want OWNER FINANCE if the price is over $3-$5K. We would also consider land with a home of some kind (can need work) under $35K as long as we can have OWNER FINANCE with a low Down Payment. Only wanting land &/or home in Rural or Outskirts of town. Nothing inside the City Limits!!!. We want to live OFF-GRID or as OFF-GRID as we can !!. Not wanting any neighbors right on top of us. We have very stable income and are very serious about buying and living in Idaho ASAP. We’re hoping and planning to leave Florida in October 2016 and head to Idaho forever. We have Reference and we BOTH own Homes FREE AND CLEAR here in Florida. Middle Aged Republican couple. No Drugs or Drinking. Moving because of Health Issues and we’re tired of all the crazy laws here stopping us from a simple LEGAL life !!. Please email me anytime @ bll8dan@aol.com.

  47. kuzuri7Nick says:

    Planning to CSMO ( Collect Shit Move Out ) from FEMA Region 2, by NLT May 2017!! In my opinion: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota are the Patriot states, Friendly lines, everywhere else is behind enemy lines!! From here, we hold the line, eventually make a push to re-take the remaining states, and revive the Republic!! How copy?? This is Yankee-man, over and out!!

  48. Joe says:

    I own 5 acres in the mountains behind Clark Fork, ID 35 minutes from sandpoint, ID 4 miles from the Montana border My property has a shared well , a septic system lots of trees but some open areas where you can build a shop and a house. The cabin on the property burnt down . I am open to offers the realtor valued the property around 90K there is ample national forest land with access very close by. I am open to offers if anyone is interested. You can contact me with questions and offers at Hicksjn@gmail.com

  49. Scott Clark says:

    Looking for a couple acres off grid around the Lewiston Idaho area. Willing to even rent for off grid living. I have a small camp trailer and willing to work for part rent. I have knowledge in construction, welding, farming, and many other areas. I am 46 and live alone.

  50. Dela says:

    Yes it is still for sale you can contact me at dddfiler@gmail.com

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