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This page is dedicated for those people in IDAHO who are looking for other like minded people. Please post your general area and contact information either a phone number or email where others can contact you. We realize everyone should observe OPSEC so please do not post your exact location.


  1. We are located in southern Idaho. We have a variety of skills and are looking for others who we can share skills training with. Mtnvw55@aol.com

    • Liz Estess says:

      I live in Boise w access to McCall and am interested in joining or starting a group. You may contact me at 208-860-3972.

    • Bob says:

      you do not know me but I was reading last years posts that you had and I just bought a 10acres in the bush in south river ontario canada and I’m looking for likeminded people from the world to come together and start a life long adventure .I have a couple living on the property and I will be starting my sandbag/earthship/timber in a month.I will be asking people to rent off me as we can not do a trust in canada as the laws for liability insurance will not let people do that .so I will be the land owner and I will rent one acre pc of the property to pay for the backhoe and all the tools and to help me regain my life savings to fit this opurtunity for a better life.I ask $300 canadian for rent /per month,month to month renting is that at any time you do not want to stay you are able to go with not a care of a lease or set time .for this I will let you do anything you want to on the 1 acre .the property is in a unorganized and unincorperated township on a dead end road,we are 10km from a village to get all supplies you want and 50 km from north bay a big city,so if you know of people in your group of friends please let them know
      we are trying to do the same things in Canada,my name is Bob Duchesne and my email is robduchesne@live.ca
      thank you for you time.
      p.s. we are doing permaculture ,and off the grid living simple.windmills and solar with batterys

      • Eric Battle says:

        Hello Bob, I am curious about the housing on this property, or is it a build yourself style on an acre of land. I am a disabled vet suffering from PTSD and would love to get away. I can’t handle the urban life anymore.

    • livetoride says:

      Hello to all you Idahoans. New to prepping, but not “unskilled” as I grew up hunting, fishing, and camping. I naturally always carry extra food stock, water, and other things but its time to get a bit more serious. I have many plans for survival, which often keep me up at night, thanks to my brain going over senario after senario, lol. I am a trained herbalist and in the medical field, as well as own hunting dogs and the ability to bug out with horses, and live off the land. What I have determined is that I cannot do this alone thanks to a horse related issue resulting in surgery, and the fact that one of my kids will be leaving home soon and my other is just not old enough to take on too many responsibilities. So, as a single parent, its up to me to provide. Are there groups to “pow wow” with? idea’s, survival plans etc. that one can get involved in? Needing support, lol.

      • Hi Livetoride. Welcome to the Mountainview Off Grid Living Blog. Visit our website at http://www.mountainviewoffgridliving.com I have been into prepping for about 35 years. Way before it was mainstream. We are also in the Boise area and I invite you to pick my brain for information. I do sell foods packaged for long term storage but I can show you how to purchase the basics locally and save a LOT of money. You can email me at mountainviewoffgridliving@yahoo.com

      • jim says:

        hi my name is Jim and i’m new to this area but not new to prepping. Me and my family have a wide variety of skills including two Emts my self included as well as a 24 year old son who has served multiple deployments overseas we are all horsemen with many of the same skills that you express in your entry and as we are new to the area we are looking to meet up with like minded people after reading your entry i believe my family and yours could both benefit from putting our heads together for a pow wow .

    • Lisa says:

      We want out of Washington..I want to get off the grid and garden,hunt,fish,harvest,raise animals {rabbits,Chickens} Washington living is just getting to be ridiculous. I think when we got a ticket for CAMPING too long at a FREE site??? That was it for me!. I just need to find someone who would let us stay with them for a while so we can save more money and get a place of our own..Preferably 5 or more Acres.. My Husband has great mechanical skills, cars,tractors,semi,snow machines.. I have knowledge of gardening herbs,veggies and am studying fruit. I also coupon and have quite a stockpile. So I have that skill.I am hoping this reaches someone who can help us out..Just a hand up…Thanks

      • Hi Lisa and welcome to the Mountainview Off Grid Living Blog. We lived in Washington for a long time and we escaped so it can be done. No one understands unless they have lived there themselves. We have a friend here who escaped about two years ago. He said that now he feels like he is living in a free country. You didn’t say but do you have children or is just the two of you?

      • jim says:

        jetandtdt1964@gmail.com hay its jim again this is my correct email adress

    • john says:

      I am searching for a place in the mountains. Tired of the city. I just want to rent, maybe off grid. Aug. 1st is when my lease is up, however I’m putting my feelers out now. I travel light, rock guitarist song writer singer. If you know of a place up high on the mountain, north or southern Idaho will be fine. Thank you.

    • sean w says:

      Looking for others in Athol/ Hayden or cda areas

    • Nick Meyers says:

      Hi all, my wife and I are relatively new to ID. As you all well know being a prepper is about part of community as well as being prepared. We are looking to be part of an organized and likeminded group. I am prior military and in my late 20’s we live in a suburb of Boise and are thinking about purchasing a second home (budout) location in Cambridge, ID. Does anyone happen to know anything about the area itself or surrounding area (people, wildlife, crime rates ect.?) please don’t hesitate to email me. thanks again and God bless

      email – nmeyers04@gmail.com

  2. wildfire40 says:

    I live in the upper middle part of Idaho I have been private about my prepping, I wish we had a group that was closer that I could work with. I have learned a lot over that past year through various websites, with my favorite being Pintrest. I always thought I could survive going back to basics if I had to just because of where and how I was raised. I was wrong I had and still have a lot of prepping ahead, but I have a lot of knowledge now that I didn’t before. I know there are a lot of people like myself who are geared in my direction, its evident with all the different websites and information out there. I just wish we had a group in our area that I could meet with and have discussions. I know some people might call it crazy but that’s ok, we are the ones who in the end will survive.

    • Hello fellow Idahoan. We are currently in the Boise, Idaho area but are looking for property to buy up your way. We would love to find something in Idaho County but I doubt that is going to happen. Prices around there are not coming down at all. How far north are you?

      • IdahoFisher says:

        I know of land in Idaho county, 9 miles outside of Kooskia (ID county). The sellers/agents number is 208-926-4739, name Janet Huntley. No idea of the price, size, etc. but there is a creek in the bottom end that is year round (very slow in summer). Grass, semi-steep to rolling to semi-flat-ish, maybe some trees depending on acreage size. Borders 100,000 acres of Bennett Lumber company land on the back side. My wife and I bought 8.5 acres up the road a bit, and we will be living there, off grid, and permanently in Oct. PM me at northidahofisher@gmail.com

      • Hello Idaho Fisher and thank you for posting this information on Mountainview Off Grid Living Blog. I contacted Janet Huntley this morning and will have further contact with her this afternoon. She tells me that she has several parcels for sale. One six acre parcel for $25,000 which has some trees on the west side of the property. One ten acre parcel for $50,000 which has pine trees and a spring fed pond. One ten acre parcel for $50,000 which has a piped spring. One forty acre parcel for $200,000. Two forty acre parcels for $100,000 each. These two parcels are “the hill” so would require excavation to prepare a home site. These two parcels border Clear Creek on one side. I will update as soon as I have more information. Thanks for the info.

      • IdahoFisher says:


      • Dave says:

        I recently bought some property and built a cabin in boise co. about an hour from nampa/caldwell. There are 2 parcels next to me still for sale. I would love to have more like minded people in the neighborhood. We have several moderate off-grid type people in the area. No extremists or conspiracy theorists. Might be worth looking into.

      • Hi Roadrunnertransport and thank you for posting on Mountainview Off Grid Living Blog. Can you give us a little more information about this property? Maybe what is the elevation? Any trees on the property? Flat or hilly land? Community well, private well or would someone have to drill their own well? If they have to drill their own well do you know what the well depths are in that area? Also, how big are the parcels and what is the price? Who would someone need to contact if they are interested? Thanks again and welcome aboard!!!!

    • Sandy says:

      Here! Here! I so agree with you on meeting with fellow preppers in our area and share info. Our trouble is that we
      live in a rural area, retired and have some farmers with gardens, ponds etc. On the other hand the remaining
      seventy five percent of the neighbors have no garden, pond, no intention of stocking up for an emergency and I
      consider them USERS! They take and never share or give back. I am almost afraid to say anything of our water,
      food storage, generators, extra gas, and plans for solar and wind power. I hate not sharing ideas and being
      almost secretive but what else is there???? Sandy in Mo.

  3. wildfire40 says:

    Live in the Orofino area…. beautiful country.

  4. Hi Wildfire. We are very familiar with that area. We have friends in Kooskia and Kamiah. We absolutely love it up that way. We hope to get up that way soon and check out some land for sale. However, I think we will wait until it’s just a bit warmer. It’s 12 degrees outside right now. Are you getting this really cold weather too?

  5. wildfire40 says:

    The weather isn’t too bad right now…we have 24 degrees. Hopefully you will find some land, its such a beautiful area.

  6. preppedforheaven says:

    Hi, I am looking to move to northern Idaho in the next few months. I am looking for a group of christians who may want to join together for strength. Any leads would be very appreciated.

  7. preppedforheaven says:

    I am thinking of around Sandpoint. Maybe Athol area. Depends on where I can find a group. I am a veterinary technician and will need to find work in the area.

    • What state do you currently live in? I ask because I wonder if you are used to a LOT of snow. You will definately get a lot of snow in the Sandpoint area or Bonners Ferry. There are a lot of preparedness type people in that area just for the fact they have very harsh winters. You might also check out the Clearwater River area of central Idaho. Less harsh winters, lots of wildlife, lots of rivers and streams and preparedness type people. Towns in this area would be Grangeville, Kamiah, Orofino, and Kooskia.

  8. preppedforheaven says:

    I am in Washington. The Clearwater area is also on my radar. At this point I am very flexible. Just need to find where I fit.

  9. highcountry says:

    We are in the Riggins Idaho area looking to meet others with same interested in being prepared.

  10. blake says:

    I have land for sale south of sand point ill carry note , to good people

    • Hi Blake and thank you for visiting the Mountainview Off Grid Living Blog. If you post a little more information about the land you have for sale, I am sure everyone would find it helpful. How big is the parcel? Is there a well or would the buyer need to drill? Are there any year round or seasonal creeks? Is there timber on this property>

  11. highcountry says:

    I have 30 acres between white bird and cottonwood with 3 springs and power 40% timbered one spring is estasblished and roads in with one pad cut and second one cleared 89.500.00

  12. Hannah Boyd says:

    Hi there!

    I hope you all don’t mind me getting in touch out of the blue. I am a Researcher at British production company Blast! Films in where we are developing a documentary TV series about off-grid living – I hoped that you might be able to help me with my research.

    We are really interested in families who are living or planning on soon living off-grid or sustainably in the American Redoubt and want to explore the inspiring challenges and unique pleasures which this way of life offers. I am aware that there have been shows made in the past which seem to have an axe to grind or try to poke fun, but our film will be very positive in tone – a sensitive and layered portrayal of a unique way of life. We intend to explore and promote off-grid living as a real possibility. Examples of the kind of intelligent and thoughtful films we have made previously can be seen here: http://www.blastfilms.co.uk.

    We want to speak to as many families as possible, but in particular are looking for families who fulfill the following criteria:
    – Are living or planning on living off-grid or sustainably or in a remote setting.
    – Have children still living at home
    – Engage in outdoor activities with their children such as hunting, building, keeping animals, growing vegetables etc
    – Used to live a more urban lifestyle until they moved to Idaho, so that they can speak about the contrast between urban and rural life
    However, as we are still in development at this stage we are interested in speaking to as many families as possible. We are in the process of having confidential research conversations with families who are interested, with no obligation to be involved in filming. They should contact Hannah at hboyd@blastfilms.co.uk or 00447899915957 and I can call back whenever is convenient.

    Thanks for your time and all best wishes,


    Hannah Boyd
    Development Researcher
    Blast! Films
    2 Imperial Works, Perren Street, London, NW5 3ED

    Cellphone: 00 44 (0)7899 915 957
    Switchboard: 00 44 (0)207 267 4260
    Direct Dial: 00 44 (0)207 424 8037

  13. nich hendrix says:

    Hi I live in nampa and would like to find some ways to prspare for a disaster scenario I don`t know if that’s the right prepper for this site I am fifteen and it is difficult for me to do much given my family is not all on board with the idea so I know as is I would not be a very valuable asset to a group so i was wondering if there are ways to become an asset given my age and almost no resources because joining or creating a group for that is my ultimate goal.

    • Hi Nich and welcome to the Mountainview Off Grid Living Blog!! It is wonderful that you realize the need to be prepared for any disaster that may come your way. Disasters come in many forms. If someone in your family becomes unemployed or dies. If a major earthquake or storm hits your area. There are many more but you get the point. The first thing you need to do when starting your preparations is make a list of what you already have. You need to have food, shelter, a way to purify water and good sturdy clothing and shoes. Those items are your starting point. Once you have the basics and enough of them, then you start adding to your preps. Food needs to be first of all rice and beans. When rice and beans or beans and cornbread are eaten together it makes a complete protein. Then start expanding. We are all here to help each other so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to post them here.

  14. Dave says:

    We recently installed a simple off-grid solar system at our cabin. The power company wanted $3000 just to run a line to our place. We would then have a minimum $30 bill per month and the power is not very reliable in the area we built. We also only use the cabin on weekends and don’t need a lot of power. So I started researching the possibility of running our little cabin completely on solar. It turns out its not only possible, it is less expensive than we thought and really simple to put together once you know a little bit about it. We run our lights, a tv, dvd player, fridge, fireplace blower, cell chargers, power tools, etc. completely off of our solar system. It works better than I ever expected. We have about 3-4 days of backup power even if there is no sun at all. We are now helping a few of our neighbors install similar systems at their cabins. All told, it costs about $1600-$2000 for everything. Not a bad investment for a complete, reliable system with no monthly bill. The initial cost was less than hooking up to the grid and we pay nothing for our power now. Not to mention, we are doing our small part to use clean energy and be a little kinder to the environment. We would be happy to share as much info as we can with others looking to do the same thing. e-mail if you have questions or need help figuring out your own system. roadrunnertransport@q.com

    • IdahoFisher says:

      Dave, We are in the same situation right now. The power company wants $3000 to run the power to a meter box, but we also have to have either a outhouse permit at $250 or a septic permit at $700 (not including the parts and pieces to install for either of these “utilities”). So we are looking into solar/wind power. Our problem is we don’t get alot of winter sun in this area (north-central Idaho) and wind is sporadic, and can’t be counted on regularly. We need to run a fridge, chest freezer, wood stove blower, power tools, occasionally a tv/dvd player, and eventually a 400′ well pump. The absolute most important is a large swamp cooler in the summer. Will send you this in a email as well.
      God Bless, Fisher

      • Roger Lehet says:

        Hello Dave…..There is a film crew from England wanting to do an expose on an American family living completely off grid. Sue Williams (mountain view off grid) suggested you. This could be huge for you and the movement as the English find this truly amazing. Our company would supporting this as well! Call me at 206 850 2322 (Roger) if you are interested. We can be found at http://www.unforgettablefirellc.com

  15. Speedbob says:

    I’m not much of a prepper but due to looming problems and threats the last couple years I decided to move to Idaho to start a more self sustaining lifestyle. Lots of people think I’m crazy for moving my family out of the Seattle area but I felt I had to give my family a better lifestyle. Wash has no benifits when it comes to disaster relief. If anything did go down those people will tear each other apart. The whole time, over 40 years I only met a couple people that even had a small garden. Those are not the odds I like. I moved my family to the Boise area for now. Lots of work here and activities we enjoy. I came here looking for a small piece of land to use as a camping,get out of town fast place. I have been reading and studying for a couple years about self sustaining lifestyles. It makes me feel good and being a carpenter the majority of my life it just fit. I’m not exactly sure where I want to buy a lot yet? But now that I’m here I want to look aggressively.
    Well that’s a short description of my current life. I read all the posts here so I thought I would post.

    • mary whalen says:

      Hi I would like to talk to you our family lives in salmon idaho and are preparing we are considering moving to Washington for a longer growing season I thought there would be alot of like minded people we are considering around sedro wooley area thanks

    • amy says:

      Hey speedbob. I’m also from Seattle area and am getting ready one day soon. My husband is in construction and enjoys hiking/backpacking and high mt fishing. I’ve been looking in idaho for property for some time. Also been trying to find like minded people to maybe look into shared acreage with. But we do enjoy our space and privacy. I feel that others will have skills that we can utilize and vice versa. I enjoy gardening, cooking and animals. There’s so much to learn with living a sustainable life. Anyhow eager to get over to idaho soon and check out some land. Orofino was one area. Thanks

      • Hey Amy, we live in southern Idaho. We know several people who purchased land in the Orofino area and built homes and barns. They had a HUGE problem with the Native Americans reclaiming their property which happened to include some if not all of the property these people purchased. One couple had part of their property reclaimed by the Nez Perce tribe and they took the property they had built their barn on. Just be very, very careful. If you look a little further to the east to parts of Kamiah and Kooskia they are in Idaho County. In Idaho County you are not required to have a building permit for ANYTHING. Also, if you want to open a business NO business licenses are required. Huge difference in red tape from one county to the other. Also, check out Boise County which is closer to Boise, Idaho. There are a lot of independent people in that area.

  16. maxwell green says:

    Shot me a email so we can get a cup of coffee or something.

  17. Dave says:

    Call if you want to get together. 208-936-1528

    • Ronda says:

      Dave, I know your message wasn’t meant for me, but would be interested in talking with you about your solar setup. I will be down your way within the next month and would like to give you a call, if that’s OK. Lived in Nampa for 8-9 years and am now located in the Lewiston area. Haven’t purchased any land yet, but I will probably stay in this area. I am still quite new to living off the grid idea, but have always been able to find some way to make things work. Looking forward to exchanging ideas.

  18. Dave says:

    Happy to talk to you anytime

  19. Dave says:

    I will be in Moscow next Saturday for the game and visiting my son. Maybe coffee then.

  20. Charlie Wilson says:

    Looking for property for multi family imvestment

    • Hi Charlie and welcome to Mountainview Off Grid Living Blog. Please visit our website at http://www.mountainviewoffgridliving.com

      In what area or state are you looking for land? We have several realtors who visit this site so give them an idea of what you are looking for. What state? What area in that state? How many acres? Do you want to be near running water such as a creek or river? Or standing water such as a lake or reservoir? Do you want unimproved land or land that has a well and driveway in? Do you plan to have electricity or solar? We look forward to chatting with you.

    • Hi Charlie; We have a number of places for sale in North Central Idaho. 150 acres in Grangeville with water, 114 acres in Kooskia with a heavy spring, and 165 acres up by the Canadian border with 2 year round creeks and 3 sides bordered by Forest Service. Don’t know exactly where your looking or where but that’s just a quick rundown.. Our website will take you to our home for sale here in Grangeville. You can email or call with questions on the others. Let us know if we can help out in your searchings. 208 983-9705

  21. TRAVIS says:

    Hi everyone! My name is Travis; I live in southeast Idaho, outside of Rigby. I’m looking for like-minded peppers or an established group in my area. Mostly to exchange ideas and bug out prep in relation to our current economic situation. I’m a strong supporter of project save our constitution and 2A rights. I currently have a family of 3, but prepping for 4.

    • Hi Travis and welcome to the Mountainview Off Grid Living Blog. Please check out our website at http://www.mountainviewoffgridliving for many great prepping items. We are currently in the Boise area but are looking for land “in the boonies”. Are there many preppers on the east side? I look forward to sharing ideas with you. Also, on our website be sure to check out the “Free Info” page for some great tips!! Welcome aboard!!

  22. Travis says:

    I have been trying to get people involved in my area. I have only met a few minor preppers in my area. But it seems like people don’t wanna talk about what they are doing.. Or people are oblivious to the situations we will be facing in the near future. I plan on trying to form a group in my area. I have been scouting bug out areas in the surrounding mountain range. I have lots skills and looking to find people with valuable skills as well. Thanks for the support and welcoming me to the community. As I find people in my area I will provide an email to directly reach me.

    • Keith says:

      Travis we are also in the rigby area and we would be interested in working on a group as well. call me two o 8 2 for one 8 to too 4. Keith

  23. Arturo Edie says:

    Hiya, I’m really glad I have found this info. Nowadays bloggers publish just about gossips and internet and this is actually annoying. A good web site with exciting content, this is what I need. Thanks for keeping this site, I will be visiting it. Do you do newsletters? Can not find it.

  24. Brett says:

    Hello all! I’m trying to meet some like minded people in the Boise area. I’m not a huge prepper, well as huge as I’d like to be. Lots of skills at my disposal. Very worried about current economics and cat and mouse games being played with the Chinese. I’ve scouted a lot of places to bug out too in every direction leading out of the Meridian/Boise area. Given a lot of thought to bugging in as well. Neighbors seem to be more worried about keeping up with the Jones’s than survival. Ideally I would really like to buy some land in Cascade, McCall or New Meadows area but this will take something short of a lottery win. I know that I can take care of my family by myself for awhile if needed but would like to meet some people who hold same values as myself, lends to strength in numbers and more knowledge as well. I think alone the things I’ve learned could be an asset to many and I would love to share thoughts and ideas!
    Looking forward to your response.


  25. Dave says:

    You can email me direct anytime @ roadrunnertransport@q.com. Or see our website http://www.boomerangsolar.net

  26. Don Barnhill says:

    Those of you who are wanting a spot to live in, or retreat to, should consider Owyhee County, Idaho. I’ve been here since 1990. It’s very tax friendly [inexpensive], and areas are from close in, to remote, with easy access. I ranch there and own many parcels of land beside the ranching operation. I would help anyone who is looking for that perfect spot to be off grid and private.208-867-6863

    • Hi Don and welcome to the Mountainview Off Grid Living Blog. Be sure to visit our website at http://www.mountainviewoffgridliving.com

      Tell us about any particular land you know of that is for sale. We are in the Nampa area and have actually considered Owyhee County. Is there ample water in the area? Do you know what the well depths are in your area? Also, what is the approximate cost of acreage in Owyhee County? I read on the internet about building codes in Owyhee County and it appears that they have adopted “International Building Codes” which means they may already be signing onto the Agenda 21 fiasco. Do you have any information about this?

  27. Don Barnhill says:

    Thanks for the response.
    I have several parcels for sale, most are dividable. One 25 acre parcel has a great inderground south facing slope suitable for a dwelling. You would just have to look at the things I have.I have no clue what you are refering to in the Agenda 21 fiasco. I also own businesses in Nampa as well.
    The parcels I would sell are close enough to paved roads etc and are on year round roads. Well water is typically 400 feet deep. Pricing for smaller parcels have ranged from 2 to 8 thousand an acre but larger parcels are at the bottom end of that.Yes the County has adopted uniform building codes. The permitting for dwellings is in line with any other area.Almost all of Owyhee County is zoned Agricultural so taxes are really cheap.Conditional use permits are required to build in the Agricultural zones. I have not ever heard of them denying a permit. Call me if you want more specific information. Don

  28. Cory says:

    I have property for sale that sits 15 miles south of Lewiston, Idaho which is right across the bridge from Clarkston, Washington.
    The towns combine to roughly 55000 people. The land is the best part of this property, but I have fixed the home up really nice, and it
    comes turn key. Nothing needs done to the property as far as upkeep goes, it really takes care of itself. There are a few 5 acre parcels that are owned
    by out-of-towners and they come up once every year or two. There are no regulations to maintain the road, but as the major land owner (including the
    majority of the road leading into the property) I keep it plowed with the 4wheeler I am selling with the property when it snows. There are cat roads cut around the land, but it is up to the land owners if they want to keep them cleared. Most don’t because they like it natural, but I like to ride my horses and my 4 wheeler, so I keep mine cleared for the most part.
    Down payment is fairly negotiable, but I’d like close to $90-100000 down so I can put enough down on another place that I have my eye on. Payments are negotiable as well, and I would charge 6% interest on what I would have to carry. I have the biggest land parcel on the lake, and the only land that could be developed if someone wanted to capitalize on the possibilities.
    With enough money, this property would make an amazing tree house haven, as there is no limits to building or restrictions/regulations.
    I only have one actual fishing cabin, and it is a 12X20 storage shed turned into a cabin. The other outbuildings are more for storage.
    I have several different sites for camping. There is 2 different septic systems, no solar or wind mills although you can add them. I have electric, Wi-Fi, and dish services, but I also have a generator. You can easily go off grid up here, but I have grown accustom to the luxuries.
    I acquired the property from a friend of my families, his dad passed away and since he lived out of town with his other siblings he sold me the property. A lot of people wanted this land, but I got lucky. (helps too know people, I guess) there are people that fish the lake, but mostly in the summer and from small little boats with trolling motors. What most people don’t know about this lake is that you can have motorized boats and skis on it because it is not a man made lake. My water comes from a well that has been tested by the lab at the hospital – it is pure as gets – perfect water. septic tank w/drain field and pump. Electricity runs everything, but I have a back up generator. there is no solar now and no permits necessary nor are there any provisions on building. I have an area on one of my cat roads that I use as a shooting range. Most the people up here have some kind of shooting range, and we all encourage it – even automatics… and in Idaho – silencers are legal. The stick frame part of this house is all 2X6, full insulation, 7/16 subfloor over 3/4 plywood, trusses and joices are all 2X8, and 5/8 CDX on roof with new roll roofing and 8 mils of elastomeric. Windows are all e-glass and new, Stick frame part of the home sits on 4X4’s and 6X6’s double in some areas. Deck is all 2X6’s on 2X8s – primed both sides and painted both sides. There is so much more, but this will give you an idea.
    You may call me if you wish, and my number is 208-305-3342. I have this listed on Craigslist: http://lewiston.craigslist.org/reo/4315445447.html if you would like to see some pictures…

  29. We have a number of places for sale here in Idaho. One is 114.23 acres in Kooskia. It has a heavy year round spring and gorgeous views of the South Fork Clearwater River below. $179,000.00. Another is 165 acres up by the Canadian border. It has 2 year round creeks, a pond , an old log cabin, and 3 sides Forest Service for 525,000.00 Lastly we have our home here in Grangeville on 150 acres. We have our own website for this one if anyone is interested. It has the price, the breakdown, and lots of pictures. Please visit http://www.idahoparadise.com With any questions please call 208 983-9705 or email us at jrparadise2@yahoo.com

  30. Kevin Barry says:

    I’m a television producer and program creator based in Los Angeles and would like to tell you about a docu reality series that I am developing that will spotlight a small group of off the grid homesteaders living in the Sandpoint, IDAHO (and surrounding) area. I have friends living here and have visited the area, which is how I came to believe this is a project that has value and that television would be interested in airing. Recently, I created and sold a one-hour pilot on mountain folk that will air on the Discovery network in 2014, and I’ve been asked to develop and pitch other shows—like this off the grid homesteaders project I’m now developing.

    I’m looking to connect with a small group of families (or extended family) or a couple that might be open to participating in this television project. At this point I’m just looking for people to “pitch” as part of the series, and try to sell this as a reality series for television. If the project gets sold—and I believe the odds are good—there would be financial compensation to the families that are asked to participate in the filming.

    What am I looking for? Dynamic, interesting, knowledgeable, passionate, colorful, attractive (could be in looks or personality) people that live this life 365 days a year. Perhaps you live in a cabin you built yourself, on land that has been in your family for decades. Maybe you believe there is life enriching value in living an off the grid lifestyle by your own rules and you make a product or raise animals to sell, that helps support this of the grid homesteading lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you have a cell phone or a car; what matters is your passion and colorful personality that’s part of the reason you live in this area of Idaho.

    I should emphasize this is not a documentary series, but a reality television series. It will NOT be a preppers/Armageddon/gloom and doomsday show–nor am I interested in casting anyone who has appeared in one of those series. It’s more of: “perhaps these people know something I don’t about living off grid, being independent and prepared to take care of themselves in any situation that may arise—and live their lives with passion in God’s country”. This area will be the backdrop to the stories, but it’s really the dynamic, colorful characters that will make—and sell this series.

    If you are interested in hearing more, willing to be filmed (I will respect your privacy and won’t identify the exact location of your home or farm) and open to possibly participating in a reality series for television like this (with no obligation if you feel it just isn’t for you), please respond via email (PO Box address is also included). Thanks so much for your consideration.


    Kevin Barry
    PO Box 4762
    Chatsworth, CA 91313

  31. Andrew Wilson says:

    My name is Andrew I just got done serving 9 years in the marine corps looking for a group near nampa idaho

  32. Andrew Wilson says:

    Also looking to buy a parcel for large bunker I have a total of 16 40ft shipping containers that needs a larger group to go in with me on because it will need at least 9 people to maintain it I already have a doctor that is in my group

    • Hi Andrew and welcome to the Mountainview Off Grid Living Blog. Also, visit our website at http://www.mountainviewoffgridliving.com and if you have questions about food storage we are here to help. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years. You can get my phone number from the contact page on my website We are also in Nampa and we are also looking for land. I look forward to chatting with you.

    • Don Barnhill says:

      I have acreage[s] in Owyhee County. Cheap taxes and private with good access. Ideal for what you want to do with beautiful views of the Owyhees. I also own a Crawler, backhoe, skidster and road grader in my ranching operation. The land is next to agricultural ground and abuts BLM. I run a larger cattle operation from there as well.
      If interested call Don 208-867-6863

    • Hi Andrew. Do you already have the shipping containers? You probably already know that you have to build supports into those containers to bury them because the sides aren’t made to support the dirt. Also, have you looked at places up in Clear Creek? We’ve been looking at property up that way for a couple of weeks.

  33. Cummins says:

    Looking to partner up with mountain family for living remote

  34. Bob says:

    no I’m not from your state or any state in the union,I want you good foke to come to canada in live hear till things are ok for you to go back as you know you’ll all be in fema camps in the next two to three years and will all be never seen again like the ruskee’s did in 1918-1940 so I want to save as many good people as I can before the new world order takes you all,remember the old saying : there’s no home if you are all dead.

  35. Gus Esteves says:

    My wife and I are in the Boise area and looking join up with a group in the area we both have a variety of skills to offer.

  36. kent says:

    Im a single dad with a young son want to find pdeppers in boise and surround area that we can learn from and mabye join up with to increase my knowlede please respond

  37. trogg says:

    I live in the Seattle area, not the place to be when SHTF. I just retired this month. At the beginning of the month, I drove out to Orofino for 4th of July festivities. Very nice fireworks! I looked at several properties but did not find what I wanted, with my limited budget. I know it is a depressed area so there must be some good buys out there. I am single and do not know very many people in that area. If anyone knows of an inexpensive place that I might buy or rent to own to survive what may be coming up, please let me know. I would like to meet like minded people in north central Idaho who would befriend me. A young lady would be nice too. I plan to go back out that way in early September when the temperature cools down.

    • Hello Trogg and welcome to the Mountainview Off Grid Living BLOG. Visit our website at http://www.montainviewoffgridliving.com and if you have questions about food storage we are here to help. We are familiar with the Orofino area. We have looked for property in Idaho County, which Orofino is not in. There are less regulations and rules in Idaho County. How much land are you looking for and do you want a house on it? Also, what is the maximum amount you want to spend? You are correct in that whole area has a depressed economy but you will find that the property prices are not coming down. We are currently looking at property between Boise and Idaho City. There are some good buys out there but it’s in the hills so you are either going up or going down. There are many like minded people in that area building cabins. The elevation there is about 3,800 ft. The roads are taken care of by the residents in that area and they don’t get much attention. It is definitely a mountain community. If you want more information on that area let me know.

  38. trogg says:

    Yes, I’ve considered Idaho county. I traveled out to Grangeville twelve years or so ago. I also went to Elk City and Dixie, Which is too far away from civilization for me. Although I am in relatively good health, being somewhat closer to health care and services is part of survivalism at my age. About $200,000 is the upper limit of what I can afford. I need to have a house or manufactured home on it also. I will need to eventually have a cellar or fallout shelter made, if the site does not already have one. I grew up in the sixties and the cold war and the Cuban missile crisis are vivid memories of that era. President Kennedy saved our butts. I think he would be considered a conservative by todays standards. Also, a cellar or fallout shelter is a good place to hang out in the summer when the weather is hot and the electricity is not available to run the AC.

  39. A lady posted awhile back on my blog that she has a house with property for sale in Grangeville plus acreage for sale near Kooskia. Scan through the posts I am sure you will find it. She is a very nice lady. Should you call her tell her that you saw her post here.

  40. Bob says:

    from Eric Battle Hello Bob, I am curious about the housing on this property, or is it a build yourself style on an acre of land. I am a disabled vet suffering from PTSD and would love to get away. I can’t handle the urban life anymore.

    Bob here yes it is a build yourself style on an acre of land…I’m sorry that you have ptsd but I need you to look at the cost and time of starting from nothing and you must be able to put lots of money into the property and you only have 7 months to do it in as the cold starts about two weeks before michigan and 15 deg colder ,you will need to live somewhere and the added cost to rent is a lot around here ,I have spent about $10 000.oo to clear my 1/4 acre so I can start to put up my building next year,I will spend about 45 000.00 to build the small one bedroom earthship I want next year and will take me two years,and will be there in 200 years from now and will not have problems with the cold winters we have,can you build your own house and spend thousands of dollars to build from a pc of wilderness 10 km from a store in the hills of ontario.I talked to another guy and he wanted to run away from his problem but all he was doing was starting new problems.I hope you are not doing the same.find someone that will love you and take care of you and try to let go of the bad past and never do the bad things ever again and let the love of the Sun,earth,wind,in your mind and try to help other people that are in need more than you are.if all that can not work for you then come and spend all you time and money,sweat and tears up in Canada,if you like peace and quit after a long day and on cold nights get a fire going and just look at the fire till you fall a sleep in you chair…a litter of gas is $1.49 x 4.5 for a gallon=$ 6.70 canadian or $6.30 U.S./g of reg gas..and we do not have cheep food ether .think long and hard about what you want my friend.much love to send your way from Canada.

  41. Nikki says:

    55 acres surrounded by timber and forest company land with gorgeous 2720sf home $279,000 or buy home on 15 acres $239,000 If you’re looking for a place where you won’t hear or see any neighbors you’ve found paradise. Year round creek. Gorgeous stout built home with great room, valuted ceilings, lots of windows, incredibly energy efficient stays cool in the summer and heats easily in the winter, 4+ car attached carport, 24×24 detached garage, 3bdrms, 3 baths, upstairs is approx. 1000sf of wide open space that could be an incredible master suite or rec room, prepper room, etc. Wood wrapped windows, new carpet downstairs, tiled kitchen, baths, laundry and mud room. 2 walk in pantries. 18kw auto transfer back up generator for any power outages. Hunt from your front door and fish from your back. Lots of wildlife, elk, deer, moose, bear, mountain, bobcat, lynx, owls, grouse, quail. Raised garden beds with plenty of room for more. Call 208-245-0524 for more info. This home is located in the beautiful Idaho Panhandle between Coeur D’alene and Moscow.


    Copy and paste if hyperlink isn’t clickable

  42. jeff says:

    Live in boise area..been prepping for sometime now and looking to meet like minded people and exchange ideas, possibly form a group..

  43. Joey says:

    I live in the Caldwell area looking for someone to learn from want to start prepping for me and my family. you can text me at 2084227388 text is the beat option always busy

    • Hi Joey and welcome to the Mountainview Off Grid Living Blog. I advise people every single day about getting started with their food storage program. You can reach me at 208-615-6331 by either call or text. Visit our website at http://www.mountainviewoffgridliving.com I can teach you what to buy locally to save a lot of money on shipping and how to store it. I will need to know how many adults and children you are storing for and their ages. That makes a big difference in what you store. I have been prepping for over 30 years. I look forward to helping you.

  44. omegatacticalandsurvival says:

    I live in the Donnelly, Idaho area near McCall and have been working on a business here for a couple years now, that is tactical, survival and preparedness related. Basically looking for like minded individuals to meet up with and possibly network and help with some hands on skills sets.

  45. Kelly says:

    Christian family of 4 looking to relocate to Idaho permanently. Looking to join established group or another family to purchase land and begin a group.

  46. Casey orbison says:

    I’m interested and wanting to live off grid

  47. Debbie says:

    Would need to be part of this group to get going as preppers in Idaho and contribute to the effort to stay safe and keep our country from the enemies!!!

  48. […] Idaho Preppers « Mountainview Off Grid Living – This page is dedicated for those people in IDAHO who are looking for other like minded people. Please post your general area and contact information either a phone …… […]

  49. jim says:

    my name is jim and me and my family just got to idaho a week ago were in moscow right now feeling out the more rual surounding areas and trying to find like minded people to talk to and share ideas with among my family is me my wife and three kids two of wich are adults with skills of there own my son has just got out of the milliatary hes traind in urban combat and recon he was a scout for the last for years my wife is also ex millitary though it was a long time ago and we are all very proficient with food growth and storage medical skills and firearm as well as my son being exceptinal in many tatical areas that he is willing train others in we are also all acomplished horsemen and are looking for pack annimals

  50. Mark H says:

    Looking for like minded people in the Grangevilla area. Would like to relocate there soon.

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