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This page is dedicated for those people in IDAHO who are looking for other like minded people. Please post your general area and contact information either a phone number or email where others can contact you. We realize everyone should observe OPSEC so please do not post your exact location.


  1. Cindy & Charlie says:

    Plan to move to far north Boise or Eagle, Idaho fall of 2017. Converting school bus to move, convert once in Idaho. Seeking area with spring and safe location, like minds.

  2. Cindy Kovack says:

    Moving to north Eagle, Idaho, fall 2016. Seeking off grid area north, converting bus, need spring. Would enjoy like minded comments. Thanks.

  3. Cindy says:

    Thank you for your reply. After reading Joel Skousen’s book, Strategic Relocation several years ago, my husband and I chose Idaho as a state to relocate to. We have visited the Boise and surrounding areas. Joel stated if moving to the Boise area, to live north of Chinden, Rt 44 and be close to Rt 55. This was our only reasoning, but we are free to live anywhere we want, Eagle is simply a starting point. We will gut the school bus to transport our wares to Idaho. We will purchase a home and make it off-the-grid. We were seeking an area with not too much snow and cold, coming from 40+ years in hot, hot Phoenix. We will not live in the bus, more than likely convert once we move to Idaho and use for traveling camp. We have also looked into the far north Payette area of the state, and mountainous area of eastern Boise. We are open to all areas of the state, preferring to stay within an hour from a large city, have some property with a spring. We are originally both from the rust belt area of Youngstown, Ohio, have lived in Phoenix, AZ now well over 40 years.

    • Hi Cindy. We are also looking for property. I have checked out just about everything about southern Idaho. From geology to well reports. The Council / Cambridge area is good but you have to watch because some areas are solid rock with very little top soil. However, as I am on every realtors email list right now I just got one this morning for 20 acres for sale near Midvale Idaho which is beautiful. The price on this land is $35,000. It has some fencing and is somewhat remote BUT near enough to town to get supplies. If you want this information email me at mountainviewoffgridliving@yahoo.com

  4. Jen says:

    Not sure where to begin so thought I’d post here. Have inherited 113 acres near the end of Little Smokey Creek Road outside of Fairfield, Idaho that I think would be perfect for someone looking to live off the grid. Any ideas where I should list it to reach the right audience? 80 acres are deeded so you’d own all mineral & timber rights so plenty of building material available. Have it listed on Craig’s List Boise so far but do appreciate any suggestions. wildfirerumor@yahoo.com

    • LouiseS says:

      I am assuming this the mining claim you were talking about? From the looks of what was reported, the creeks are contaminated with heavy metals but it was never cleaned up because the original owners moved to Virginia?

      I am looking to buy property in Idaho. I live in Boise for 10 years but had to move to Japan for awhile for work. I raised animals, had a large farm and was a homesteader. Anway, do you have the coordinates for the property? http://www.idahogeology.org/PDF/Staff_Reports_(S)/2000/S-00-13.pdf

  5. Brice says:

    Here’s something a little different for you folks. I’ll be moving my family to Idaho in late Summer/early Fall. I’m looking around the middle of the state around St. Mary’s and North of there as I like the seclusion and am no stranger to Mountain living. Here’s the kicker-I make VERY little money. As such, I’m not looking for property to buy. Can’t afford it. Ideally, I’m looking for as small a town as possible, while still being able to find work. I never could figure what I wanted to do with myself so far as a career was concerned and so I went straight into the workforce after High School. No College. I work mainly unskilled labor jobs in Factory’s and Distribution Centers. My Wife stays at home to take care of our 14 month old twins. At that age, Daycare costs are astronomical and I don’t trust those “Care Providers” so far as I could throw ’em. A couple finer points here-Around where we live now (NW Indiana), you can find 1-2 bedroom homes for rent at a reasonable rate ($500-$750). I would prefer this as opposed to renting an apartment as I have a number of tools (ladder, wheelbarrow, lawn and forest and garden implements) that simply aren’t suitable for storage in an apartment, and frankly, to dangerous to have the kids playing around. The other point is Church Services. We adhere specifically to the KJV of the Christian Bible, and not any specific denomination. We’re happy to sit in with Mormons, JW, Baptists, Catholics, you name it. But we don’t view supplemental texts (The Book of Mormon for example) as Canon, and we prefer a “Prepper Friendly” Church that isn’t afraid of discussing current events and Politics as it relates in a Biblical sense, or what God expects of us in these times. I know this is a tall order to fill and I apologize for the lengthy “comment”, but I like to lay all my cards on the table and see where the chips fall.
    Contact me at pheilsb@hotmail.com and thank you in advance for any advice you may have.

  6. Computer person living in Idaho Falls, seeks rural community in case dollar crashes and society collapses. I raised animals in oklahoma and always had gardens,but below average in hunting and fishing, mainly a computer head, but I can find remote database jobs with internet connection. Good chicago blues harmonica player. World traveler , 25 countries and counting. Jake 415-933-1276

  7. Price reduced!
    Down sizing and selling the farm. Any help from my Facebook friends to help spread the word would be greatly appreciated.
    I hate to go but health and well-being has to come first. thank you in advance! Tractor and Implements will be for sale also when we get a contract or can be negotiated for.



    I have built several off grid homes in Belize and decided to comeback home to do the same.I don’t have a lot of money but lots of experience from making wood canoes, wood kayaks, wood stand up paddle boards and can make just about anything. Familiar with Solar Installation, compost toilet, gravity fed water plumbing. Hydroponics, raising rabbits and chickens etc….If you think there is a fit here let me know. I have pictures. Moving to Idaho end of May looking for a job Place to live, If I can be of use building an off grid home would love too. I have pictures. As my friends say..I have done everything. Wall street broker, sales, manufacturing, retail, refurbishing woodies, houses etc. I would to be part of an off the grid community. I don’t mind the cold, I an from Natick, Mass…

  9. LouiseS says:

    yes, Boise ecovillage! They are doing all those things you speak of. I will be returning to Idaho in a few years to do with myself. But for now, talk to sunny. they have a facebook page.

  10. John Doe says:

    Boise area.

  11. John says:

    Currently off grid living, mobile unit. Single, no kids, intermediate outdoorsman with dog. Weapons trained, basic first aid, basic forage. Boise and surrounding area. Would like to find trustworthy individuals. Not interested in living in a compound, would prefer gathering intellectual from the field and reporting to a loyal compound community of preppers.

  12. kc says:

    Iam a prepper in the lewis clark area looking for other preppers out there

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