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Post anything you have for sale. YOU MAY NOT POST ANYTHING THAT IS ILLEGAL!!! Please include a description of what you have for sale, where the item is located, whether or not you will ship this item and how much the shipping costs are as well as the price of the item. Please list one item per post. Also, post how someone can reach you whether a phone number or an email address.



  1. Thermo-Electric Generator!! Sets on The Kimberly Wood (multi fuel) Stove and generates electricity to recharge solar type / deep cell batteries to run lights, recharge cell phones, run small appliances!!! Contact Sue at Mountainview Off Grid Living for details!! 208-615-6331 This is a 20 watt generator, 14.7 volts, 2.7 amps.

  2. wildfire40 says:

    The Thermo-Electric Generator sounds interesting, do you have a website you can refer me to or a catalog that I can read up on.

  3. Rich Labonte says:

    Hi, My name is Rich Labonte. I live in a small town outside of Boise Idaho. What I do is build ideas. All you have to do is know what you want your item to do. I will Look at it and if possible, build your first prototype. Even if you don’t want to market it and just need it for your self, we can work something out. I try to build out of scrap or your material to keep costs down. I also barter when possible. The way I protect my people is by signing a non-disclosure agreement which means I can’t talk about your project to any person. As you know, you can’t steal someones Idea without talking to someone. I am unable to go into production as I am just one guy. I will amaze you how much money I can save you on this initial build. I’m cheap and I like helping folks out. Thanks, Rich Labonte.

  4. Price reduced!
    Down sizing and selling the farm. Any help from my Facebook friends to help spread the word would be greatly appreciated.
    I hate to go but health and well-being has to come first. thank you in advance! Tractor and Implements will be for sale also when we get a contract or can be negotiated for.

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