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X – Equipment Experiences

Tell us what equipment you have purchased and why you purchased it. The good and the bad of your equipment.



  1. We have personally purchased the GrainMaker Grain Mill. I researched grain mills for several years before purchasing the GrainMaker. This is by far the most heavy duty grain mill we’ve found. Plus, the Model 116 that we purchased has the options of grinding grain by turning the handle or you can hook a motor to it (while you have electricity) OR we purchased the bicycle option so that we can hook it up to a geared bicycle and grind grain the Gilligan’s Island style. We used to grow field corn and grind it into corn meal. The whole family had to take turns turning the old grinder my father had because I could grind for about 10 minutes before my arm felt like it was going to break. My husband could grind for 15-20 minutes at a time but we were both much younger back then. The bicycle attachment seemed to be our answer because every piece of equipment we are buying now must be non-electric.

  2. We purchased our Kimberly Stove almost two months ago. When my husband was about to leave to drive to Oregon to pick up our Kimberly at a show the company was conducting that weekend, I told him that if the stove did not meet our quality standards, to just get back in the car and come home. He brought that little Kimberly Stove home. He had it sitting in the back floor of the car. He carried it and and I got to look it over. I have to say that The Kimberly Stove far exceeds any expectations I had. This little stove takes up a very small footprint in our living room, the quality is unlike any stove we’ve looked at and we’ve looked for a good wood stove for several years. This stove will outlast either of us. The Kimberly Stove does more with less. That means The Kimberly Stove will heat our home, I can cook on top so there are two major problems in a grid down situation. Plus with the optional attachments we will be able to create electricity, have hot water for dishes and bathes and be able to bake a chicken, biscuits and apple pie which will be very comforting in a disaster situation. The Kimberly Stove is so efficient we expect to use FAR less wood during the winter. PLUS for summer cooking we can just pick it up and carry it outside. I feel that buying The Kimberly Stove was the wisest and smartest investment we could have made.

  3. Timmy says:

    I purchased my Kimberly stove in April of 2012. I installed my Kimberly stove in my small Toyota motor home with the help of the Kimberly inventor, Roger Lehet. The inventor is a fantastic individual, helped me do a professional AND safe installation, and now I am able to survive the Alaskan winters without relying on electricity or propane. The Kimberly is my SOLE source of heat, and keeps me toasty warm down towards the negative temperatures.

    I researched small wood stoves for months beforehand, and decided on the Kimberly because it is far lighter than any other small wood stove out there, burns just as long (if not longer) on a load of wood, puts out more heat, has more features, and will last longer. I look at my Kimberly as an investment in survival, as I live completely off-grid with no electrical plug-ins. I would highly recommend the Kimberly stove to anyone with a small home, boat, or RV wishing to eliminate the expensive cost of propane, oil, and electric heat! Check out my blog for more information and videos on how the Kimberly stove helps me survive the brutal Alaskan winters!



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